Wynne Linden

It is also a paradox because a Republican (conservative) panel of our nations highest offices, the Supreme Court, were the very folks who legalized abortion. Just sayin'...

Roe vs. Wade

Douglas, William Orville Roosevelt, F. 04/17/1939 11/12/1975 liberal

Brennan, William J., Jr. Eisenhower 10/16/1956 07/20/1990 conservative

Stewart, Potter Eisenhower 10/14/1958 07/03/1981 conservative

White, Byron Raymond Kennedy 04/16/1962 06/28/1993 liberal/against

Marshall, Thurgood Johnson, L. 10/02/1967 10/01/1991 liberal

Burger, Warren Earl Nixon 06/23/1969 09/26/1986 conservative

Blackmun, Harry A. Nixon 06/09/1970 08/03/1994 conservative

Rehnquist, William H. Nixon 01/07/1972 09/26/1986 conservative/against

Powell, Lewis F., Jr. Nixon 01/07/1972 06/26/1987 conservative



Wynne Linden

Wynne Linden

https://bit.ly/3y0XEWy I like to think I’m the sheepdog — even if this article smashes some of the premises of this analogy by LTC D. Grossman.